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We will write documentation for your IT project in public and commercial sector (GOST 19, 34, etc.,; ISO-12207; BRD,; PRD,; User guidelines etc.).
We specialize in IT project analytics outsourcing for businesses and government agencies since 2007. Specifically in helping integrators to collect and analyse IT project requirements, technical formulation, technical solutions and documentation development on any stage of an IT project (including military GOST codes (series 15, 27), ISO 12207 and other various standards).
We are ready to have a meeting with you at our office or at a place convenient to you in Moscow region within 24 hours.
We believe that business is about efficiency, precision and cooperation and this is why we are always prepared for a quick start. Provided that you are based in Moscow region within 24 hours we will meet you and discuss how our services can help you. Should you require we will evaluate the project and provide you with an offer within 24 hours after receiving all the essential information.
Our software will provide you with access to oversee your project at any time.

In order to cooperate and communicate with you effectively we will be using a dedicated Web portal where it is possible to oversee and control your project tasks at any given time.

This ensures that every step of the process is transparent and allows you to steer the project should any updates or changes be necessary.

Your each inquiry gets our full attention.

Once you will have passed your project and instructions to us, you will free your management resources. All further project coordinating will be done by our specifically appointed project manager, who will be always available should you need to contact us at any time.

Because we understand that tasks we are working on for you are a part of a larger project we make sure all what is necessary is done to ensure timely completion regardless if you may need altering the initial input data or if any circumstances may change.

Goverment and commercial IT project documentation
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Skills and experience we will bring to your project

We specialize in outsourcing IT project analytics for government agencies projects.

We carry out project requirements analysis, deliver documentation development (Technical Requirements, Sketch project, Detailed project report, Workflow documentation), business processes simulation and functional simulation. Among our clients are big systems integrators (IBS, I.T. Group, Aplana, Pingwin Software, Compulink, CROC, Asteros) and smaller IT-companies (IDentity & Security Management, B.I. Integration, International center for Economic and Financial development, OPEN Technologies).

Our extensive experience will assure you that your project will be completed in line with your requirements.

Here is a testimonial from one of our customers.


The project documentation is developed according to GOST 19, 24, 34 standards, and optionally according to the building code, ISO 12207, etc. Documentation is written using competent technical language and the system design will be developed by a standard that is preferable to you. For data-modelling development we usually apply IDEF1x. As for administrative regulations, business processes and systems functions specifications we use standards: IDEF0, IDEF3, DFD, ARIS, UML, BPMN.

When designing Information management systems we use the following case-tools: AllFusion Modeling Suite, ARIS Toolset, IBM Rational Rose, MS Visio, Enterprise Architect, etc.

Specialized software technologies design knowledge, competent technical language and our expertise with documentation development standards will significantly reduce documents’ corrections and as a result – reduce the costs.

To interact with you during the course of a project, we will use a Web portal that makes it possible to control all tasks at all times. This ensures everything we do is absolutely transparent to you. The portal allows adjustments to project tasks if and as required and you can be sure of the results to be exactly as you expect.

We will stay available at all times should you need to contact us. Your project manager will be ready to answer your questions around the clock and our team will work together to resolve your query in the most effective manner. Even after the completion we will be there for you should any questions regarding the project arise.

We are committed to have your enquiries and questions answered in the fastest manner.

We guarantee to keep your project information confidential. Each one of our personnel at Business-Azimuth signs a nondisclosure agreement (NDA). To protect your information further there are company-specific trade secret procedures in place to ensure that information could be revealed specifically only with your permission. You can be certain that your confidential information will stay secure with us.

We offer two options to pay for the services and the choice is up to whichever is more preferable for you:

  • Fixed price - the cost depends on the level of skill and qualification of specialists involved. This ensures that you get the most suited specialist and saves resources by not hiring someone who is overqualified.
  • Time & Materials - the cost is calculated and based on the number of specialists and amount of time spent on your project.

Our organization is structured in a way that allows us to swiftly replace specialists on the project should any situation arise where this will be needed. This means that even if any person should decide to leave or fall ill, your project will continue towards the completion without any delays. It will save time searching and training new staff and so will reduce any considerate risks and keep the project within the budget.

We understand that our work is a part of a larger project. That is why we work towards the project’s success as a whole. Should any risks, problems or deviations be discovered, we immediately inform you. This reduces the risk of missing your project deadlines.

We are financially liable for the results, so we guarantee that your expectations will be met accordingly. If, for any reason, we don’t deliver exactly what we were assigned, we are committed to making all the necessary corrections, caused through our own fault, free of charge for the first 6 months after the delivery date.

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If you already have a public sector IT project underway and you are in need of resources, we can get started on certain analytical tasks on the same day you contact us.