About us

At Business-Azimuth we have been providing consulting and integration services for the CIS market since 2007. We help large IT integrators to gather and analyze any necessary system requirements, to develop Technical Requirements, technical solutions and documentation for an IT project at any stage in accordance with GOST 19 and 34, Military GOST codes 15 and 27, ISO 12207 and other various industry standards.

So far we have successfully completed over 50 IT projects where we had applied IT analytics methods to develop business-decisions, documentation and, software and to carry out complex system integrations.

Our clients include Russian Railways, Gazprom, The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Russian Federation, Sberbank, B&N BANK, Rostelecom, ROSATOM, Ministry of Finance of the Russian Federation, Ministry of Transport of the Russian Federation, FCSM, Federal Customs Service, Federal Institute of Industrial Property; also other various large industrial enterprises; also Norilsk Nickel, Chernobyl NPP, The Ministry of social policy of Krasnoyarsk region, L'etoile, re:Store and other businesses and enterprises large and small.

Our clients value our commitment, flexibility and the quality of our work. Our highly qualified team ensures that you get 100% attention every time. Among many of our customers are IT Integrators such as IBS, AT Consulting, Asteros, CROC, I.T. Group, Compulink, Gosbook, Systems & Projects, Aplana, PingWin Software, International center for Economic and Financial development, System & Projects, IDentity & Security Management (IDSM) and others.

We will help you to successfully apply analytics to your IT project. For example we can communicate with your customer on your behalf to gather all the relative system information, develop Project requirements (PR)Technical Requirements, develop Technical project (Detail Design) and Working documentation (user manuals, operative instructions, etc.), develop system model in line with modeling notations (IDEF0, eEPC, UML) or develop and build a data model and database structure (IDEF1x) if required.

Sincerely yours,

Victor Chizhevsky
General Director
LLC Business-Azimuth
Phone: +7 (495) 646-11-75